Educator Happy Hour

Humor-based Leadership: Why Every School Needs It (with Craig Aarons-Martin)

Episode Summary

This week we bring the humor with Craig Aarons-Martin, veteran school leader and CEO of CCM Education Group. We explore why and how every school leader can benefit by infusing humor into their work -- whether they think they (or education) is funny or not. We also talk peanut butter, Ming's matta, and stripping as an alternative career path.

Episode Notes

About Craig

Craig Aarons-Martin, Founder & CEO of CCM Education Group, is an award-winning teacher & school leader with 20+ years of experience in urban education serving as a mentor, instructional coach, teacher developer, and professional learning facilitator. Craig also works with groups, individuals, and organizations to create bold and joyful solutions that amplify equity and belonging. Craig is also the co-host of SELinEDU, The Podcast.

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Twitter: @CraigCMartin12

LinkedIn: CraigCMartin


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